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Recognizing ADHD; a Catalyst to Change

ADHD, or Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder, can manifest in various ways, + people with ADHD may experience a range of things that others around them may notice or comment on. It’s important to remember that ADHD is a neurodevelopmental disorder, + its symptoms can vary widely from person to person. Here are some common things that people with ADHD may hear or experience.

  1. You’re so forgetful.” People with ADHD may struggle with short-term memory + forget tasks, appointments, or important details.

  2. “You never listen” Difficulty paying attention + sustaining focus can make it seem like individuals with ADHD are not actively engaged in conversations or tasks.

  3. “You’re so impulsive”. Impulsivity is a HALLMARK of ADHD, leading to impulsive decisions, comments, or actions that may be surprising to others.

  4. “You fidget a lot. Why can’t you sit still?” Hyperactivity is often associated with ADHD + this can involve excessive movement, restlessness, or an inability to stay seated in situations where its expected. One may be tapping their feet, playing with objects or shifting in their seat.

  5. “You always procrastinate” People with ADHD may struggle with time management + find it challenging to start or complete tasks, leading to procrastination.

  6. “You’re so disorganized” Organizational difficulties are common in ADHD, + this can affect how someone keeps their living space, manages their time, or organizes their work.

  7. “You’re so distracted.” ADHD can make it hard to focus on tasks, + individuals, with ADHD may frequently become distracted by their thoughts, external stimuli, or unrelated activities.

  8. “You talk too much.” Some individuals with ADHD may have a tendency to talk excessively or interrupt others in conversations due to their impulsivity + difficulty waiting their turn to speak.

  9. “You’re so talented but inconsistent”. People with ADHD often possess unique talents and creativity, but they may struggle with inconsistency in applying their skills or maintaining interest in a particular pursuit.

  10. “You can’t follow instructions.” Difficulties with attention + working memory can make it challenging to follow complex instructions or complete multi-step tasks.

  11. “You’re always losing things” Misplacing or losing items like keys, wallets, or phones is a common experience for individuals with ADHD due to their distractibility.

It’s essential to approach discussions about ADHD with empathy + understanding. People with ADHD can thrive when they receive appropriate support, accommodations, + treatment tailored to their unique needs. Additionally, recognizing their strengths + talents can help them build self-esteem + confidence despite the challenges they may face.

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